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New products

Atomic Redster 120 Pro

The optimized Atomic Redster Pro 120 is a classic high-performing piste boot.
$614.56 (USD)
$330.33 (USD)

Atomic Redster Pro 100

The overhauled Atomic Redster Pro 100 is a high-performing, medium-flex piste boot from the Redster stable.
$537.74 (USD)
$284.23 (USD)

Atomic Redster Pro 80

A medium-hard flex makes the Redster Pro 80 the ideal ski boot for young skiers who only know one speed – TOP SPEED!
$384.10 (USD)
$207.41 (USD)

Lange Race Jr Goggle 15/16

A junior race goggle that comes with three lenses.
$53.77 (USD)

Lange Race Goggle 15/16

Lange's highest level race goggle. Comes with three lenses.
$115.23 (USD)

Lange Race RS Goggle 15/16

A race goggle that comes with three different lenses.
$92.11 (USD)

Lange Basic Duo Boot Bag

A stream line boot bag with rucksack straps and two standard carry handles.
$46.02 (USD)

Lange RS 110 Wide 15/16

With a last of 100mm, this boot allows big footers a bit more comfort straight out of the box.
$483.97 (USD)